Game one is named Point Blank or PB, this game is popular in Indonesia. Is an online game system using a server provided by gemscool. Here we will have serbuah characters that have a low rank at the start. If later we often win will get the extra point and will raise our rank. The higher the rank of the character we’re getting great, better than a good gun and shot accuracy.

Point Blank is a genre of computer games were played online FPS. The game was developed by Zepetto from South Korea and published by NCSoft. Besides South Korea, this game has its own server in Thailand, Russia, and Indonesia. In Indonesia, the game is managed by PT. Kreon. Point Blank is about the feud between the Free Rebels and the government in this case Counter Terrorist Force (CT-Force). Origins of this dispute is the increasing number of immigrants who did not get a job and expelled from the community. So to survive, the immigrants perform a variety of criminal acts, such as: robbery to drug trafficking. Over time this activity is increasingly organized to form an organization called Free Rebels. Due to conflicts with immigrants increasingly widespread, the government set up an organization to monitor, supervise and look for the existence of terrorists called Free Rebels. This organization is called Counter Terrorist Force (CT-Force). 



Credit by OniWebs